Abuja Jobs Interviews
1st October 2019

Good day to you all. Nigeria is 59 years.
We at our office will not be operating today.
We will open from tomorrow.

Happy New Month to all.

Regards to all that have gotten jobs on this platform so far. We also regard those that’ll not gotten jobs. We will interrupt effort.

We will keep putting in our best to grant you all more job opportunities. God please grant us more grace and favour us in our quest.

Applicants we regard you for staying off crime, drugs, gangsterism, prostitution, cultism and all other social vices.

Your desire to work to be responsible to yourselves, family, community, local government, state and of course our Nation Nigeria. God Will Mercifully Grant Your Heart Desire. Amen.

The Rich class and Business Owners, Employ Nigerians. Empower Nigerians. When you employ Nigerians you, You Empower Nigerians.
Do not enjoy the Billions and Millions Alone. Empower others Nigerians. This proves you love Nigeria that you made those billions and millions nairas from.

Millions are unemployed. Our leaders, do the needful. Provide the enabling real environment and real infrastructure and real empowerment for businesses to start, grow, prosper and develop.

Grant jobs opportunity to all those without reps, senators, governors, ministers connection. We are all Nigerians. So why the selection of the rich class alone and segregation and neglect of the unconnected class. Our leaders do ponder on this and change the game. You have played it for too long.

I have never seen a governor our senators child told to go and learn carpentry work after graduating from polytechnic or university. So why tell others.

Federal, State and local govt, employ our youth and unemployed graduates. Really employ them. Do not fake it. So that the nation can be productive.

We are coming up to submit list of the unemployed youth in Nigeria to all Govt MDA, and Private Companies in Nigeria soon for employment purposes.

Let love and unity prevail.

God bless Nigeria.

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