Abuja Jobs Interviews,
Monday 25th October 2021.

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  1. LEISURE PARK MANAGER- HND/BSc in any field.A hotel/catering management or hospitality qualification.
    (he may have to double as the Banquet Manager)
    The Leisure Park Manager is responsible for managing employees, planning, marketing,
    coordinating and administering the Park’s services such as banqueting and recreational
    *S/he is expected to have the requisite interpersonal skills to be able to relate with both customers and employees in the most acceptable and professional manner.
    *His/Her responsibilities include:
    promoting and marketing the business;
    training and supervising staff;
    managing budgets;maintaining statistical and financial records;planning maintenance work and events bookings;handling customer complaints and queries;ensuring compliance with health and safety legislation and licensing laws;Performing other duties as and when assigned by the Management.

Qualifications and training required
HND/BSc in any field.
A hotel/catering management or hospitality qualification will be an added advantage.
Relevant work experience is essential.
Key skills required
Reliability and stamina.
Excellent numerical, verbal and written communication skills.
Commercial awareness
Excellent problem solving skills
Customer service skills
Organisational skills
Interpersonal skills
Teamwork and leadership skills
Administrative and cash management skills

  1. BANQUET MANAGER- OND/HND/BSc in any field. Other training in related required.
    The Banquet Manager’s job begins after the event sale is made, the contract is signed and
    continues after the last guest has left. S/he will work with the sales manager and chef to
    ensure that all the terms of the contract are met and that guests receive the highest quality in
    food service and overall experience.
    His/Her responsibilities include:
    Reviewing the event contract with the sales manager and chef.
    Reviewing the number of guests, type of function and hall layout.
    Determining the items needed – tables, chairs, tablecloths, serving points, kitchen and nonkitchen items, etc….
    Determining the number of waiting staff needed for the function – servers, bartenders,
    cleaners, and assign duties accordingly.
    Hiring, training, and managing contract staff needed for the function.
    Working with the sales manager to ensure the Park meets its profit goals.
    Determining the timing of food service.
    Handling all the drinks logistics.
    May act as contact between the client and the park, and answer all banqueting
    Working with the chef concerning meal delivery and presentation.
    After the function, making notes about any item(s) that needs to be repaired or replaced.
    Meeting with the sales manager and/or chef for post analysis of the function, discuss any
    problems and/or make suggestions for future events;
    Performing other duties as and when assigned by the Management.
    Qualifications and training required
    OND/HND/BSc in any field.
    A hotel/catering management or hospitality qualification will be an added advantage.
    Relevant work experience is essential.
    Key skills required
    Reliability and stamina.
    Excellent numerical, verbal and written communication skills.
  2. BARMAN / BARTENDER- Diploma in hospitality management or other related field.
    Computer knowledge and experience in MS office programs
    Bartenders will be responsible to prepare and serve drinks to customers. S/he must be able
    to mix and match ingredients in order to create classic and innovative drinks in accordance
    with customers’ needs and expectations. The purpose of this position is to interact with the
    Park’s guests and ensure they have a great experience at the bar/lounge.
    Bartenders should maintain positive guest interactions while accurately mixing and serving
    beverages to guests and servers in a friendly and efficient manner.
    His/Her responsibilities include:
    Interacting with customers, take orders for drinks and snacks.
    Planning and presenting bar menu.
    Serving snacks and drinks to the customer.
    Checking identification of the guests to make sure they meet age requirements for purchase
    of alcohol and tobacco products.
    Mixing ingredients to prepare cocktails and other drinks.
    Mixing drinks, cocktails and other bar beverages as ordered and in compliance with standard
    drink recipes.
    Preparing alcohol or non-alcohol beverages.
    Servicing wine and beer to guests.
    Arranging bottles and glasses to make attractive displays.
    Assessing customers’ needs and preferences and make recommendations.
    Ability to sell and influence others for up selling and suggestive selling.
    Providing recommendations and suggestions to guests for choosing drinks and snacks.
    Serving customers in a friendly and helpful manner.
    Keeping the bar counter and work area neat and clean at all times.
    Providing guidance to guests on recreational activities, dining options and general offers
    from the Park.
    Determining when a customer has had too much alcohol and if required refusing any further
    serving in a polite way.
    Demonstrating a thorough knowledge of food and beverage products, menus and
    Handling and moving objects, such as glasses and bottles in a professional way and in line
    with industry’s best practice.
    Cleaning up after customers and clean work area.
    Clearing ashtrays as and when required.
    Washing glassware and utensils after each use.
    Maintaining a clean working area by sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning of glass doors
    and windows, etc. if required.
    Performing physical activities such as lifting and stooping.
    Maintaining liquor inventory and consumption.
    Collecting payment for drinks served and balance all receipts.
    Handling an assigned house bank and follow all cash handling procedures as per the Park’s
    Preparing inventory or purchase requisitions as needed to replenish supplies.
    Ensuring that the assigned bar area is fully equipped with tools and products needed for
    mixing beverages and serving guests.
    Staying guest focused and nurture an excellent guest experience.
    Complying with all food and beverage regulations.
    Performing other duties as and when assigned by the management.
    Qualifications and training required
    Key skills required
    Ability to communicate effectively in English language – verbal and written.
    Good personality and positive interpersonal skills required.
    Previous bartending experience, experience in handling Point of sale (POS) terminals
    and Stock & Inventory management software required.
  3. ASSISTANT CHEF- Certificate from a culinary school will be considered. Experience is key.
    An assistant chef provides support to the lead chef where food preparation is concerned. The
    main duty of an assistant chef is to make sure that all ingredients are available for the chef
    so that he can cook without any hindrances or delays.
    His/Her responsibilities include:
    Refer to list of needed ingredients on a day-to-day basis and check inventory.
    • Acquire ingredients not available in storage prior to the start of the day.
    • Inform kitchen staff of their schedules and delegate appropriate duties.
    • Prepare ingredients by chopping vegetables and meats.
    • Assist head chef in cooking dishes according to set recipes.
    • Monitor food budgets and make sure that all supplies are bought within the set budget.
    • Make arrangements to store food items in a safe and orderly manner.
    • Rotate frozen food items as standardized in the kitchen rule book.
    • Hand ingredients and utensils to head chef during food preparation activities.
    • Maintain kitchen order by ensuring cleanliness of tables, counters and work areas.
    • Oversee cleanliness and maintenance of kitchen equipment and utensils.
    • Operate kitchen equipment such as ovens and grills for cooking purposes.
    • Maintain knowledge of all recipes so that the head chef’s place can be filled in effectively
    in case of absenteeism.
    • Set prepared dishes so that they look aesthetically pleasing.
    • Make-certain that appropriate portions have been dished out.
    • Deal with customers’ complaints and / or suggestions
    Qualifications and training required
    Key Skills Required:
    Deep knowledge of food preparation activities, ingredients and food combinations.
    Exceptional culinary insight.
    Knowledge of standard food preparation and storage techniques.
    Ability to work in a high volume environment.
    Responsible for ensuring the smooth operations of electrical, plumbing, and air-conditioning
    systems, as well as minor construction, repair and painting jobs that result in happy
    customers. He coordinates the installation, maintenance and repair works in the Park;
    oversees workers and determines repair procedures.
    His/Her responsibilities include:
    Carrying out preventive and corrective maintenance activities on the Park’s equipment and
    Anticipating and acknowledging maintenance needs on the Park.
    Overseeing and coordinating the workers who maintain and repair electrical, plumbing,
    ventilation and other building systems.
    Evaluating problematic systems or facilities and determining what installation or repair
    services need to be performed.
    Developing and implementing maintenance procedures; evaluating each performance to
    ensure quality operations.
    Carrying out routine preventive maintenance on facilities in the Park, ranging from changing
    HVAC filters to lubricating kitchen equipment, maintenance of the fitness equipment, public
    areas, guestrooms, generators, switch rooms, driveways, sidewalks, parking lot and ensuring
    each activity is reported to the appropriate Manager.
    Investigating accidents and preparing relevant reports.
    Working with vendors to replace old and install new equipment of all kinds.
    Organizing maintenance inventory; requesting for supplies and parts as required.
    Maintaining restricted information of proprietary and ensuring safety of the Park’s
    Keeping all mechanical areas in a neat and orderly condition.
    Performing other duties as and when assigned by the management.
    Qualifications and training required
    Mastery of electronic systems and controls, mechanical, kitchen equipment, refrigeration
    and general building management.
    A minimum of OND or equivalent diploma plus work experience.
    Certification to verify professional knowledge will be an added advantage.
    Ability to kneel, bend, carry, walk, stoop, climb, and lift items, in addition to possessing
    manual skills.
    Commendable ability to manage stressful working condition.
  5. Male Human Resources Manager- HND/ Degree- Work experience as a Human Resources Manager- Computer and managerial skills required- Distribution Company-Salary 80k- Idu Industrial Area.
  6. Agronomist- Bachelor’s degree in agronomy, agriculture, or a related field.
    At least 2years experience.
    Our client want to employ agronomists to join their operations team. The Agronomist will be saddled with the responsibility of employing best practises, methods, and technique in ascertaining all commodities – grains, spices, fruits, and beverage plants hauled to clients meet our set Quality assurance standard.

The preferred candidate will also be responsible for tracking daily commodity prices in an assigned market within their location. In addition to this, the candidate will also execute and supervise all trades originating from their location.
Willingness to travel
Ability to determine the quality and quantity of all Commodities during transaction.
Exceptional active listening and verbal and written communication skills.
Strong market analysis, decision making, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.
Awareness of market & industry trends
Preferred Location:
First Agronomist – Kano, Kaduna
Second Agronomist – Benue, Kogi
Renumeration: N100,000 monthly/ Each Agronomist.

  1. Accountant- HND/ Degree in Accounting- Work experience as an accountant required- Computer literate- Distribution Company-Salary 80k- Idu Industrial Area.
  2. Medical Doctor- MBBS Degree- Work experience required- New Clinic Located In Asokoro
  3. Lab Scientists- Degree in Laboratory Science 🧪- Laboratory Science work experience required- New Clinic Located In Asokoro.
  4. Laboratory Technician- Degree/ HND in Laboratory Technology- Work experience required- New Clinic Located In Asokoro
  5. Nurse- Degree in Nursing- Work experience required- New Clinic Located In Asokoro.
  6. Sonographer- Certification in Sonography required- work experience also required- New Clinic Located In Asokoro.
  7. Female Receptionist- ND/ HND/ Degree- Computer literate- Experience required- Good writing and communication skills- New Clinic Located In Asokoro.
  8. Personal/Secretary- HND/ Degree- Computers literate- Experience required- Good writing and communication skills- New Clinic Located In Asokoro.
  9. Cleaners- SSCE- Experience required- New Clinic Located In Asokoro.
  10. Male Security- Experience required- Permanent- Durumi.
  11. Female Housekeeper- Experience required- Nonresident- Will go and come daily- Durumi.
  12. Female Personal Assistant- HND/ Degree- Related work experience required- Computer literate- Resident of lokogoma and environ required- Beauty Care Company- Lokogoma.
  13. Female Receptionist- SSCE/ ND only- Good looks and presentable- Good communication and writing skills- Applicants living near Lokogoma only- Salary 30k- Beauty Salon- Lokogoma.
  14. Driver- Experience required- Lokogoma.
  15. Driver- Experience required- Maitama.
  16. Driver- Experience required- Gwarinpa.
  17. Security Gatenan- SSCE- Experience required- Permanent- Gwarinpa.
  18. Chef- Experience required- Restaurant and household- Gwarinpa.
  19. Female Housekeeper- Experience required- non-residential- Will go and come- Gwarinpa.
  20. Female Househelp- Experience required- Will live in- Various household in Abuja.
  21. Router Manager- Work experience required-
    Area 10.

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