Abuja Jobs Interviews
Wednesday 22nd January 2020


  1. Male Accountant- ND/ HND in Accounting only- Experience Required- Jabi.
  2. Male Automobile or Mechanical Engineer- HND/ B. Eng/ B.Tech in Automobile or Mechanical Engineering- Experience Required- Utako.
  3. Female Front Desk- ND/ HND/ Degree- Must be a Muslim- Experience Required- Computer savy- good communication and writing skills- Muslim School- Area 1.
  4. Female Spa Manager- HND/ Degree- Pretty and presentable- Spa work experience required- computer and social media savy- Able to work at managing workers and draw in customers- Apo.
  5. Female Sales Reps- HND/ Degree- Young, Presentable and pretty- Sales experience required- Fashion Cloth line- Wuse 2.
  6. Sales Girl- SSCE- Experience in fixing buttons etc in a Tailoring Store- Wuse 2.
  7. Sales Girl- SSCE- Experience Required- Garki Market.
  8. Sales Girl- Experience Required- Utako Market.
  9. Female Cleaner- SSCE- Young- Experience Required- Wuse 2.
  10. Female Cleaner- SSCE- Young- Experience Required- Wuse 2.
  11. Male Cleaner- SSCE- Must have cleaning experience- Central Area.
  12. Driver- Experience Required- Utako.
  13. Driver- Experience Required- Jabi.
  14. Driver- Experience Required- Lokogoma.
  15. Driver- Experience Required- Wuse 2.
  16. Dispatch Rider- Experience Required- Deliver food to customers using motor bike- Wuse 2.
  17. Nanny/ House help- Ibo girl- experience required- Jahi.
  18. Marketers- Marketing Experience Required- Wuse 2.
  19. Marketing Executive- ND/ NCE/ HND/ Degree- Experience Required- Micro Finance- Utako.
  20. Marketers- Marketing Experience Required- Wuse.
  21. Home Teacher- Experience Required- Deidei.
  22. Female Secretary- HND/ Degree- Computer Savy and social media savy- Able to multitask- Pretty and presentable- Facility Management Company- Central Area.
  23. Male Graphic Designer- HND/ Degree- Experience and skills required- Area 11.
  24. Sales Boys- SSCE/ ND/ NCE- Clean, smart, stylish and swagish with good dress sense- sales experience required- Wuse 2.
  25. Sales Girl- SSCE/ ND-Sales- Sales Experience Required- Kubwa.
  26. Female Trainee Spa Workers- SSCE/ ND/ NCE- will be trained on manicure, massage, facials, pedicure etc ..and paid salary- Ready to work one year straight- Spa- Wuse 2
  27. Female Marketers- SSCE/ ND/ NCE- Experience Required- Salary- 30k- Electronics- Apo.
  28. Female Cake Decorator- Experience Required- Lugbe.
  29. Youth Corpers- To work with a company as their primary assignment- Area 11.
  30. House Girl- SSCE- Experience Required- Various Abuja Home.

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