Finally Caught The Phone 📱 Thief….Others Beware
3 months ago I got a report of one of my applicants that someone tricked him from my office to a relaxation spot, entertained him with food and drinks, lied that he had low battery and borrowed his phone 📱 to call another guy he want to entertain.
He not only made away with my applicants phone, he also made him pay for all they took at the relaxation spot.
Since then, I have been announcing to all that comes for interviews to avoid been close in discussion with any other applicants or person claiming to be an applicant.
We advices always that all mind the reasons why they came and not follow anybody to places we did not send them to.

The phone 📱 thief had another hits. Our other applicants fell for his antics, a guy and a girl.
We kept announcing and advicing.

Finally yesterday we caught the phone 📱 thief. He came around again to explore among members applicants that gathered about to be posted for interviews yesterday. One one the his new hits brother that was around noticed and recognized him and alerted me. I quickly got him arrested through a police officer station at the center.
He has sinced confessed stealing 2 phone already and the police station where he is cooling off.
Find attached his picture in case you lost anything to him.

Thanks 🙏😊 all and beware.
Mind vehicle you enter, and strangers you talk too. Beware.

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