Abuja Jobs Interviews
Wednesday 3rd February 2021

  1. Architect- HND/ Degree in Architecture- Work experience as an architect required- Area 11.
  2. Quantity Surveyor- HND/ Degree in Quantity Survey- Quantity Surveyor work experience Required- Area 11.
  3. Welder- Work experience as a welder required- Area 11 and Bwari.
  4. Geologist- B.sc in Geology with work experience- Area 11.
  5. Business Development Officer- HND/ Degree- 5- 10years Work experience required as a BDO- Matured Applicants Only between 35-45 years only- Salary 100k- 150k- Wuse 2.
  6. Male Legal Officer- LL.B and B.L Law Degree- Work experience bad a legal officer required- Maitama.
  7. TV Presenters- HND/ Degree in Mass Communication- Work experience as a TV presenter required- Area 3.
  8. Nurse- Must be a Moslem with certifications- Pharmacy- Wuse 2.
  9. English Language Teacher- B.ed English Language- English Language teaching experience required- Private Secondary School- Durumi.
  10. History Teacher- B.ed History- History teaching experience required- Private Secondary School- Durumi.
  11. Waiters- SSCE- Experience Required- Restaurant- Wuse 2.
  12. Waitress- SSCE- Experience Required- Restaurant- Wuse 2.
  13. Kitchen Assistant- SSCE- Experience Required- Restaurant- Wuse 2.
  14. Flower Girls- SSCE- To arrange valentine flower for 3 weeks- Wuse 2.
  15. Male Laboratory Scientists- HND/ Degree in Lab Science with work experience as lab scientists- Clinic- Asokoro.
  16. Sale Girl- SSCE- Experience Required- Kaura District.
  17. Nurse- Experience Required- Clinic- Asokoro.
  18. Sale Boy- SSCE- Guyish- Experience Required- Wuse 2.
  19. Marketers- HND/ Degree- Matured 33- 40yrs- Marketing Experience Required- 30k + 5%- Area 11.
  20. Driver- Experience Required- 30k- Area 11.

If a member, interested, experienced and qualified, come get a letter admitting you to interview venue.

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