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Are you tired of submitting CVs on online without getting  notice or invites? Search no further, register your CV with us today and get you dream job.


  1. We operate this platform with the collaboration and support from our customers (employers) comprising of various companies, Supermarkets, Hotels, Schools, Shop Owners, Business Men/Women in Abuja.
  2. We offer interview/selection process and placement for only private jobs in Abuja.
  3. We do not offer employment placement services for Government Ministry, Departments, Parastatal and Agencies.
  4. CV Registration is (N2,000) Two Thousand Naira for Abuja residents only.
  5. We run background checks on you and your guarantors abuja residents only.
  6. If checks are okay, we then grant you access to all interviews updates of all job opportunities that match your skill, qualification and experience here in Abuja.

7. We train and score you on work ethics and Morals.

8. You will also be included in our database for unemployed persons in Abuja for job interview selection purposes.

9. You are responsible to pass job interview you attend through us and get selected.

10. We will not take responsibility for you mixing with strangers. Face the reason why you patronize us only.

11. If you are not selected, you stand infinite chances of attending further job interviews as long as you can defend your qualification, if not we advise you get a lower job offer.

12. As regard salary, be reasonable at interview venues.

13. You will pay us a service charge of 20% of your first salary of job granted you through our auspice.

14. We encourage you to work and be responsible for yourself, family, friends, community, and Nigeria as a whole.

15. Stay off Crimes and Drugs. Get a Job

16. Thank you. May the purpose of your patronage be granted by God Almighty.  AB

To register with us, Kindly download our registration form, fill and return the same and get your dream job as soon as possible.

Please do not forget to read our TERMS & CONDITIONS before submitting the form