Employers Terms & Conditions

  1. Get Staff/workers from us. When you employ someone, you empower someone.
  2. We source applicants form the labour market.
  3. A yearly registration applies.
  4. We deliver your first request of applicants 24-48hrs after registration.
  5. Workers are trained on work ethics morals.
  6. You can request for workers as many times as possible within the year of your registration at no extra charges.
  7. We know guarantors of workers, their office and their home address, so we surety them to you.
  8. We do routine checks on you and the workers.
  9. We encourage good relationship between you and your worker(s).
  10. In case you are not satisfied with any worker(s), make a request for replacement.
  11. We can also conduct interview, selection and special training of workers at your request for a fee.
  12. Thank you for your patronage. May your request be granted through us by God Grace.