Good day all. Please I want to bring to your notice that I have been regularly been called by members relations and offering financial inducement to ensure employment or selections of themselves or relations into Bua group and the quarry and mining company.

Please members and there relations should desist from calling and offering inducement to gain any employment favour from me.

At Vacancy Hunters Services, We offer an equal opportunities platform where jobs applicants can come on board by registering and attend jobs interviews according to their qualifications and experience for jobs vacancies available in our clients companies or organizations.

For record, our clients ( companies or organizations) reserve the full status of selecting and employing the applicants they deem fit, most qualified and experienced for any vacancies the required us to forward CVs for.

We do not impress on the companies to employ this person or that person.

*We only screen CVS according to the vacancies, qualifications, skills and experiences required.

  • We list and attach CVS and then submit to companies and organizations as required.
  • The companies will later send a shortlist of those they want to see for interviews.
  • Sometimes, companies might require us to just send candidates so they can interview as they come.

So members and relations of members please stop the calls and financial offer to induce us to get you employed at the expenses of others.

We will not collect such monies.

All applicants are equal before us and have equal opportunities

Accept our regards

Vacancy Hunters Services

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