Marketing was great today. Getting positive vibes from companies.
In the process I got summoned and notified of our applicants selected and invited for interviews by Sweat Works,
The Mining and Quarry Company based here in Abuja.

Sweat Works has finally and thorough screening and selected from the CVS we collated and submitted to the them on the 28th July 2020.

The following applicants have hereby been invited for an ongoing interview for the following positions:

Admin Officer

  1. Joseph Egbe
  2. Igweonu Uchenna

Account Officer

  1. Adebunmi Tobi Paul
  2. Hillary Onyemah

Executive Secretary

  1. Olutoyin Olusina
  2. Caroline Ndubisi


  1. Emo Akpan
  2. Martha Alu

Store Keeper

  1. John Ikedichukwu
  2. Samuel Ochinanwata

IT Personnel

  1. Besong Edward
  2. Koden Yensha


  1. Essang Utor

Procurement Officer

  1. Simeon Okorie


  1. Ojodomo Emmanuel
  2. Ikechukwu Christian

This is wishing you all success in the ongoing interview at SWEAT WORKS, Abuja.
Stay on, more other opportunities will be loading this week.

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