Urgent Post Renovation Cleaning 完 Job for a Two Days in Federal Government Paralstatal

Good day all. We have been commission to carryout post renovation cleaning 完 of a federal government Paralstatall in Central Area tommorow.

Friday 5th and 6th November 2021.
Time: 8am dot

We need:

  1. Male Cleaners* 3- SSCE- Experience required.
  2. Female Cleaner* 3- SSCE- Experience required.

If you are a registered form submitted member and interested- See us at the office 8 am dot. No late coming pls.

More jobs interviews post for tommorow on its way. Thanks and we regard you all.

Vacancy Hunters Services
Suite 0.10 Oyibo Odinamadu Block, National Center for Women Development, Opposite CBN, Central Area. Abuja.
08025647594, 08092917628.

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